Sunday, September 9, 2018

Comings and Goings

Omigosh, we've been so busy this year that we forgot to update the blog! 
oops!  We'll never make it to the "big time" at this rate!  [thank goodness, hehehe]

Anousha has just finished performing in the musical "Best of the Best" at Brunker Road theatre - a consuming project with months of thrice-weekly rehearsals and a month of performances.  She's also been writing up a storm of new material in preparation for her next solo album.

Maureen as usual spread herself very thin with 2 stage productions, multiple theme shows, concerts, a book project and has just completed her 9th Album - a 6 month project [wait for news of the release in Oct/Nov]

Ruby Blue hasn't been coasting either.  We've done a Winter concert fundraiser for a local women's refuge and we, too,  have been into the studio to record a few tracks - the start of RB's first EP release.  Our plan for this is to assist our fundraising endeavors for various organisations in need.

Coming Up  ....Ruby Blue will be playing at the Live Grass Roots street music - at the Dungog Festival  on the 30th September
 ....Anousha will be doing a solo set at 12noon - {the stage outside of Chillbilliesand Ruby Blue is playing on mainstage at 3pm

Please, if you've not connected up with us Socially, you'll get all the latest, current news on our Facebook pages.  Just mention that you're friends of Ruby Blue when you request 'friends' status. 

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