Sunday, September 9, 2018

Comings and Goings

Omigosh, we've been so busy this year that we forgot to update the blog! 
oops!  We'll never make it to the "big time" at this rate!  [thank goodness, hehehe]

Anousha has just finished performing in the musical "Best of the Best" at Brunker Road theatre - a consuming project with months of thrice-weekly rehearsals and a month of performances.  She's also been writing up a storm of new material in preparation for her next solo album.

Maureen as usual spread herself very thin with 2 stage productions, multiple theme shows, concerts, a book project and has just completed her 9th Album - a 6 month project [wait for news of the release in Oct/Nov]

Ruby Blue hasn't been coasting either.  We've done a Winter concert fundraiser for a local women's refuge and we, too,  have been into the studio to record a few tracks - the start of RB's first EP release.  Our plan for this is to assist our fundraising endeavors for various organisations in need.

Coming Up  ....Ruby Blue will be playing at the Live Grass Roots street music - at the Dungog Festival  on the 30th September
 ....Anousha will be doing a solo set at 12noon - {the stage outside of Chillbilliesand Ruby Blue is playing on mainstage at 3pm

Please, if you've not connected up with us Socially, you'll get all the latest, current news on our Facebook pages.  Just mention that you're friends of Ruby Blue when you request 'friends' status. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ruby Blue finally dusted off the mothballs to give a free Christmas Concert in December.
Gathering a couple of friends, we serenaded a special event at Goodness Me Organics in Adamstown. 
Here's a couple of photo's to prove it, below!

It felt good to be back in "harness" briefly ....all being well, we should be back into the swing of sing in February.  Hope to share some tunes with you soon!

Friday, July 8, 2016

in the Soup!

Ahhhh!  Life and the Universe! 
They can throw even the best laid plans of mice men and women to the wind, can't they?
Despite all of our best intentions, Ruby Blue has been forced to put our music on the backburner for awhile.
HOWEVER, the good news is that we're dusting off the strings for a very short set at this year's SOUP! concerts.  With a couple of new songs to share, and a whole feast of fun stuff happening at this year's - the 10th - event, we reckon it's worth getting out of the house even on a chilly winters day/evening.
It's all happening on Saturday July 23rd at The Dungeon, Adamstown.  2 performances 2pm and 8pm. Tickets are just $23pp and you can get them online at

and for more information on the madness of SOUP!  go here: SOUP! 2016

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Active in Song

If you were in Newcastle's Civic Park precinct on Wednesday [Nov 25] you would have heard Ruby Blue raising its voice for White Ribbon Day....the International Day for the elimination of Violence against Women.
We were proud to be part of the lunchtime event and say 'thank you' to the organisers.
The day marked the beginning of 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence - a campaign to galvanise action to end violence against women and girls around the world.
Around the Newcastle region, you will see a number of initiatives supporting the campaign including a Flash Mob popping up at a number of shopping centres and tourist locations.
Ruby Blue will raise its voices again during this campaign - and for any worthy cause that needs a voice for compassion.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Whoops!  Sorry!  We forgot to tell you that we'd be playing at the Planet Dungog Festival in May .... but we didn't want to forget to let you know that we're doing a set at this year's SOUP! concert on Saturday 1st August at the Royal Exchange Salon Theatre in Bolton Street Newcastle.

SOUP! is an annual event - a fun quirky fast-paced evening and like any good pot of soup is filled with tasty ingredients and a surprise or two. Ruby Blue will be finishing the evening off with a set of our own delicious material.
Tickets are just $22pp and include a cup of yummy fresh soup.  You can get them at the door if you're lucky but we recommend you book in advance - either by phoning the theatre on 4929 4969  or go to the ticketing link:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Tribute show

For those who like a touch of nostalgia, we have a short season coming up in Feb/March with a show "Remember the Andrews Sisters".  As you know, Ruby Blue are in love - with harmonies!  And this trio were famous for theirs we roped in a friend of ours, local identity Su Morley to help us out.
You have 3 chances to see this show:
  1. The Buttai Barn, Lings Road, Buttai  Wednesday 25th February 10.30am for morning tea, show at 11.  Tickets just $40 which includes morning tea, lunch and the show.  Bookings can only be made at the venue - phone (02) 4930-3153
  2.  same venue different day ...Thursday 26th February 10.30am
  3. The Dungeon, 608 Glebe Road, Adamstown,  Sunday 1st March, 3pm.  Tickets are $25 at the door OR if you're online savvy, you can get a bargain by getting your ticket online for just $20 here:  online tickets

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We blinked!

Good Grief! What happened to the last quarter of this year?! - blinked and missed it!
 We've been a bit tardy in updating the blog, sorry sorry sorry.  And that means we've had some
performances that you didn't hear about and didn't get to come to.  Sorry again.
So can we just say that we promise not to be so delinquent in 2015.
We hope to be part of the Planet Dungog festival again in May next year and we're currently lining up some local gigs in Newcastle during Feb and March.
Our fundraising house concert was so successful we're going to do it again in a couple of months - we'll keep you posted.  And here's a little side-project we're working on ......a tribute show to the Andrews Sisters which we will be performing in February at the Buttai Barn.  Our 3rd 'sister' will be the very talented Su Morley ...and you can expect some pretty fabulous harmonies in this show.
Oh, and we've selected some pretty sassy songs to add to our repertoire which we know you're going to love!
Have a deliciously harmonious Christmas season and we look forward to seeing you at some gigs next year.
Anousha and Maureen  ....
PS....we're both Facebookers - if you haven't jumped on there and "friend-ed" us, why not?